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Team Deathmatch:
Games typically progress at a steady pace with snipers camping at both the big and small bunkers and at Air Defense West. The cave is also a popular spot for people to either snipe or launch explosives. Air support can normally rack up plenty of kills if the enemy doesn't take it down too quickly. Knifing can also help clear a bunker or sniping spot if you can make it in without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Domination matches are usually very hectic with teams trading spots until one team wins. Point A is found at Convoy Canyon, Point B is at the Poppy Fields, and Point C is up at Air Defense West. Point C is typically the easiest to defend since there are only two small chokepoints where the enemies can attack it, but it lacks any cover from air support so Anti-Air and cold blooded are almost a given.

Demolition games can get very stressful on this map. The points are both at easily defendable areas with one in the cockpit of the plane and one just outside the cave entrance at Air Defense South. Watch for defenders with akimbo shotguns and under barrel grenades at both points. When defending the cockpit point is easily watched from the other body parts of the plane or the small bunker. There are rocks and hiding spots around Air Defense South that allow both line of sight and easy attack to the point there.